IT Infrastructure Management Service


IT Infrastructure Management is the optimal approach for enterprise’s IT infrastructure to support business activities through an effective combination of human factors, process and IT.

It can help users estimate and automate important IT processes, understand existent problems, solve incident quickly, minimize delays when making changes, meet service level agreement and ensure security.

Data Center Management Services

Today data center is widely used in transactions between organizations. The advantages of data center are maximizing the connection speed, connecting international ports, and economical cost.
With our experience and ability to give advice of choosing, deploying and maintaining datacenter, we commit to support enterprises in setting up datacenter qualified World standard of Datacenter, with the best price and result.

Capacity Management Services

The target of capacity management is to ensure that all current and future capacity and performance aspects of the IT infrastructure are provided to meet business requirements.
With Vina-Tech Capacity Management Service, you will:

Network Monitoring & Management Services

We can help build operational efficiencies within your IT infrastructure to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. With our support, you will be able to be aware of the problem before it escalates and see what the potential knock on affect will be.

Managed Security Services

Aware of important information security and prevent any illegal penetrate into system, Vina-Tech provide to customers overall security, apply to organization, business with high-security.
Vina-Tech offers and provides safe and secure information system that developed by best vendor, example Cisco, Symantec… information will transform uninterrupted with high-security.

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